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While I'd prefer introducing myself the old-fashioned way over a caffeinated beverage (not a fan of coffee, but tea is delightful), I suppose a few paragraphs shall suffice.


I am a Boomer at heart. I routinely balance my ten-year-old checkbook, excitedly email a manager when I receive exceptional customer service, and usually respond to texts with a call. 

I was raised in beer. After being adopted from China when I was a baby, I spent the rest of my adolescence brewing in Shiner, Texas - a small community with a proud Czech and German heritage, a friendly population of 2069, and a single stoplight.

I live in a candy store. I think this is the metaphor that best sums up the lens through which I view the world. Like the kid in the candy store, I like a lot of options - every candy has a special, valuable taste to it. With creative passions for design, writing, and art, a love for sports, musical theory, and theatrical performance, and interests in neuroscience, astronomy, and zoology, I figured an Advertising degree could become my ideal cross-section within my Venn diagram of many interests.



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