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I enjoyed the close connections I made with the scrappy and fun Pupsciool pack during my time as their Summer Graphic Design & Marketing Intern.  I had the opportunity to rebrand their small company by writing a branding guide, revamping their website, re-designing packaging, and creating graphics and logos for their social media and promotional materials.

AD, Branding, & Design: Ashley Stluka


As a capstone project, I wrote and designed an entire branding guide for Pupsicool, combining my passion for design and interest in organizational culture. You can view the entire guide here.


I designed the new cup packaging for Pupsicool's orginal flavor, Venison, and their new summer flavor, Beef. They wanted a balance of a clean and fun feel that embraced their Texas roots and pride.

Beef Cups for Website.jpg
Pupsicool Beef Cups Labels Visstun.png
Pupsicool Venison Cups Labels
Venison Cups for Website.jpg
New Beef Nutrition Label CMYK.png
Venison Nutrition Label CMYK.png


To match the re-branding, I also designed logos for their current and projected, new flavors. I continued the clean and fun feel to complement their pink tongue brand mark.

New Beef Logo RGB.png
Pupsicool Venison Logo RGB.png
Turkey Flavor Logo.png
Chicken Logo.png


I cleaned up their old Squarespace website to insert more of the fun and warm personality they were looking for.

Website Landing Page.jpg
Website Pages.jpg
Dog House Gif.gif
Moving Pawprint.gif
Moving Dogtail.gif
Dog Barking.gif


The team wanted some new cards to round out the fresh rebrand.

Julie Business Cards Mockup.jpg
Julie Business Card Individual
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