In Shiner, Texas, there is always something a brewin'. Just like the beloved K. Spoetzel Brewery in my home town, I've always got something going on upstairs. Here is a peek inside my mind and the quirky, happy synapses that keep it up and running...usually.


"The Monkeys"

Currently, I am learning tai chi. However, I sometimes struggle to “seize the monkey and tame the horse” when the creative process inside my mind largely resembles Planet of the Apes.

My Creative 

Process Visualized

The Monkeys.PNG

In the stacks... 

All Marketers Tell Stories by Seth Godin

Inspired by Rachel Held Evans

Dream Big by Bob Goff

Next departure...




On the list...

Learn Mandarin

Go ice skating

Camp in the woods

Next Sources

of Inspiration

In the queue...

Tonight Belongs to You by The Case of Netflix's Film The Prom

Bellyache by Billie Eilish

Paradise by George Ezra

Next screening...


The Torture Report

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Still watching...


Abstract: The Art of Design 

The Queen's Gambit


This is not a diary...

Here are a few excerpts from the idea journal I created in the fall of 2018 for my Introduction to Advertising Creativity class. One of my favorite projects, it is a journal full of all kinds of ideas - random, bizarre, funny, interesting, name it. You can still find me adding more fun entries because ideas are always in the making.