Painless paint


Insight: Shopping for paint is laborious and overwhelming. 

The color of paint you pick matters, but it shouldn't be a painful process. CLARE is a direct-to-consumer, curated paint company

that has brought back the joy of painting your home. 56 colors are all anybody needs for a foolproof paint experience that any color-dummy can handle.

Copywriter: Sarah Shea

Art Director: Ashley Stluka

Creative Director: Sean Labounty

CLARE Skeleton Script.png
CLARE Tornado Script.png
CLARE Wild Postings Board.jpg
CLARE Subways.jpg
CLARE Pedestrian Crosswalk Board.jpg
CLARE Hardware Kiosks Board.jpg
CLARE Spotify Board.jpg

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just enough color


A direct-to-consumer online paint company, CLARE boasts only 56 expertly curated paint colors. The minimal options are trustworthy and provide just enough color to eliminate those pesky trips to the hardware store and hours of indecision. 

CLARE Print 1.png
CLARE Print 2.png
CLARE Experiential POP.jpg
CLARE Print 3.png